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Title: Waking Up With The Wards

Presenter/Producer: Jane Anson

Role: Offline Editor

Genre: Reality TV - Pilot

Credit: 67 Pall Mall

Duration: 52m 4s

Year: 2021

Title: Caught On Dashcam

Director: Chris

Role: Assistant Editor

Credit: Sky?


Year: 2022

Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 12.58.32.png

Title: How To Stage An Exhibition In A Warzone

Director: Michaela Storm Moir

Role: Editor

Duration: 19m 33s

Year: 2020

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Title: I Run On

Director: Alexander Dawe

Role: Editor

Credit: Cinevents/Get Shorty/QPUK

Duration: 12m 34s

Year: 2018